Q. What area does Coal Creek Meals on Wheels serve?
A. We serve Lafayette, Louisville, Erie and Superior.

Q. Who makes the meals?
A. Coal Creek Meals on Wheels' kitchen staff makes them fresh every weekday. We prioritize the health of our clients by creating menus with great nutrition, variety and flavor. We  often are complimented on our delicious dishes.  Meals consist of an entrée, a variety of fruits and vegetables, bread and fresh-baked desserts.

Q. How much do meals cost?
A. We ask for a small fee to help cover the cost of meals. This fee is based on an individual's monthly income and our sliding scale. We work carefully with each client to determine an appropriate amount and no one is denied meals due to an inability to pay.  Family members or friends can contribute funds on behalf of their loved one in need of our service.  On average, each meal costs between $1.00 – $6.50

Q. How do I pay?
A. There are several easy options. You may mail a check or money order upon receiving the monthly invoice. A second option is to set up payments over the phone via credit or debit card. Lastly, we accept food stamps. We request that clients do not give money or checks to the delivery drivers.

Q. When are meals delivered?
A. Meals are delivered Monday through Friday between 11:00am and 12:30pm.

Q. Do I qualify to receive meals?
A. We aim to serve anyone who has difficulty preparing nutritious meals for themselves. Many people fall into this category, and we are happy to help regardless of age, physical ability or income status. For more information on whether you qualify, feel free to call us.

Q. What are the benefits of receiving this service?
A. Beyond providing daily nutritious meals, we also bring peace of mind to our clients and families, paying close attention to additional needs. Home visits and on-going communication between clients, their families and our volunteers frequently result in referrals to other necessary resources, including food stamps, health care essentials, housing needs, transportation and county services. Many of our clients and their families believe the social and emotional support received through our volunteers is invaluable.

Q. How do I sign up to receive meals?
A. Please go to our Receive a Meal page and fill out the online form. Once you’ve submitted the form, we will call to confirm the info provided and can begin delivering meals within 2 business days.

Q. Can Meals on Wheels accommodate special diets?
A. Yes, we can accommodate a wide range of special dietary needs, including vegetarian diets, allergies, diabetes, low-sodium, and customization due to medications.

Q. Can I receive meals for a short time?
A. You may receive meals for as little or as much time as needed.

Q. How can I get meals if I cannot afford a meal fee?
A. Please call our office so that we may discuss options with you.

Q. Can I receive meals for weekends?
A. Yes. Frozen meals are available to be reheated over the weekend. We make them fresh, then freeze them and send them out on Fridays.

Q. What are examples of a typical meal from Coal Creek Meals on Wheels?
A. Our  menu  changes each month. To see what’s cooking this month, please go to our 

Q. Does Coal Creek Meals on Wheels deliver on days when it is snowing?
A. We follow the closing policies of Boulder Valley School District. If Boulder Valley Schools close OR delay opening for 2 hours due to snow/blizzard conditions, we will not deliver meals that day. To check for closures on snowy days, go to the home page on our website:
coalcreekmow.org. A closure notice will be posted in red print at the top of the page. Or you can visit www.bvsd.org  and you will see the closure status in plain sight on the home page, or watch Channel 4 or 9 News for information on closures.  Note: To ensure that all clients will have provisions in case we cannot deliver to them on a given day, we deliver “blizzard bags” containing emergency food supplies in the Fall.  

Q. What is the cancellation policy?
A. If you are scheduled to receive a meal and you need to cancel, please do so as soon as possible. Any cancellations that occur after 9am on the day of delivery will still incur a charge for that day’s meal.

Frequently Asked Questions