Lesley Jackson, Executive Director


Coyote Youngblood, Dishwasher

Lisa Boldt has been involved in the food service industry for much of her life, in a variety of roles. As a former volunteer and now staff member with the Coal Creek Meals On Wheels kitchen, her heartfelt desire is to lend her willingness and work ethic to every task, no matter how big or small. She is excited to be assisting in the dual goals of preparing fresh, nutritious, and creative meals for both the seniors at home who are served by our drivers, and those who come to Josephine Commons for lunch  and social community.

Stacie joined Coal Creek Meals on Wheels with 10 years of health care experience. Her dedication to serving seniors and at-risk members of the community continues as she helps to fulfill the CCMOW mission. She is passionate about utilizing her skills in health care to assist in meeting the unique challenges that our community members face.

Coal Creek Meals on Wheels is comprised of passionate individuals who care deeply about the well-being of our clients. Back left:   Coyote, Andrea, Lisa, Michele, Tracy, Brett

Front left:  Stacie, Lesley, Elaine

Andrea Lagan, Kitchen Assistant
Michele Meydenbauer, Assistant Cook

Coyote has worked in every area of the food service industry.  Most recently, he volunteered for Lafayette Senior Services as a Dish Machine Operator, and rapidly became a staff member with CCMOW.  Since then he has grown more aware of how many people we serve in the community.  He feels a tremendous sense of pride as a team member in the kitchen, working with both staff and volunteers.  

Stacie Robertson, Program Manager
Lisa Boldt, Kitchen Assistant

Tracy has many years of experience in the food industry. She cooked two summers in Alaska, as well as for a restaurant in Ridgway, CO, and on to a Head Chef position in Ouray, CO.  She worked there for 4 years and during her employment, took classes from The New England Culinary Institute.  After the restaurant closed, she had twin boys and was busy raising and home schooling them. Once they grew up, they joined the Navy and Tracy moved to Longmont to attend culinary school at Auguste Escoffier Culinary Institute in Boulder, focusing on Pastry Arts. Following graduation, she interned at Atria (a retirement community) and at Marketplace Breads, and then opened her own bakery.  While she loved her bakery, she wanted to be more purposeful with her skills.  A friend introduced her to Coal Creek Meals on Wheels and their mission of serving healthy, delicious meals and it was instant love. Tracy will be working to use her God-given talent to serve all who partake of this wonderful program. She is happy to have found such a wonderful purpose.

Andrea is originally from New Zealand and worked in international sport for the US for more than 20 years.  After a change in career and training in Hospitality Management, Andrea came to CCMOW as a volunteer before joining as a member of the kitchen staff.  

Tracy Langdon, First Assistant Cook

Elaine has served in non-profit organizations for most of her work life, with the exception of owning a personal chef business for a few years. In addition, she has been active in several human service organizations as a volunteer. Her passion is serving good, clean food and ensuring food security within the community. Working with the fantastic volunteers at Meals on Wheels gives Elaine the opportunity to merge her love of community and food.

Elaine Scanlon, Volunteer Coordinator

Brett has worked in the culinary field for more than 25 years.  He has worked as a chef in exclusive golf clubs and for large hospitality corporations as well as a personal cooking instructor. His passion lies in creating new, exciting, and flavorful foods that everyone can enjoy.  His passion for sharing his knowledge, while feeding people and introducing them to new and wonderful experiences, and giving back to his community, has brought him to the Meals on Wheels kitchen.  From the moment he wakes until he retires each day, he is thinking of food, menus, flavors and feeding both friends and strangers.   The culinary world is his obsession, and he delivers with flair and a humble smile.  He has a BA from the University of Northern Colorado and a degree in Culinary Arts from Western Culinary Institute in Portland, Oregon.

Brett Peterson, Kitchen Coordinator

Lesley joined Coal Creek Meals on Wheels with experience in a variety of non-profits both here and in the United Kingdom. After moving to the USA in 1998, she was hired by Evergreen Christian Outreach and became both Assistant and then Executive Director, working with there for more than 8 years.  Afterward, she was hired as a consultant/facilitator for a food pantry partnership start-up along the 285 corridor. She believes passionately that everyone should have food on their table on a daily basis, and has focused her career on eradicating eradicate hunger. 

Michele brings a unique combination of classical culinary training and expertise in food and beverage marketing. Her experiences have led her to believe that as food is how we nourish our bodies, it is the cornerstone of who we are and who we want to be. She believes that shared meals bring people together to create family and community. And the best art is art you can eat. She has an MBA from the University of Colorado and a Culinary Arts Certificate from the Cook Street School in Denver.