Plates for Pets

Plates for Pets is CCMOW’s new pet food delivery program made possible through a partnership with Colorado Pet Pantry and a grant from PetSmart Charities.


On the last Monday of each month and throughout that week, clients who have signed up for the service receive a one month supply of food for their animal(s) (cats, dogs, fish, birds and rodents) along with their own delivered meal.

Why are we doing this? Because pets are very important to our clients.

Furry, feathered and scaled friends help:

  • reduce stress,

  • lower blood pressure,

  • increase social interaction,

  • promote physical activity,

  • and reduce feelings of depression and loneliness.


Furthermore, many homebound people are forced to give up their pets because of an inability to care for them. That’s where this program comes in.

How to Receive Pet Food

Pet food delivery is available to CCMOW meal delivery clients. If you already receive our meals, give us a call at (303) 665-0566 or use the Contact Us form and let us know you'd like food for your pet as well.

If you're not currently a client and would like to receive food for yourself and a pet, fill out our meal delivery application

A $5 monthly donation per pet is requested, but not required. 

How to Donate Pet Food

Visit the Colorado Pet Pantry website to learn more about donating pet food.