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Ron is enjoying his golden years at the Coal Creek Café

Ron lives at Josephine Commons with his wife, Eileen, and has been eating at the Coal Creek Café since the first day he moved in. Eileen has some medical issues that make it difficult for her to leave their apartment, but Ron is able to take a “to go” meal with him every day.

Each day for lunch, Ron sits in the same seat while he socializes with his friends and joins in on café events, such as birthday celebrations and music performances. “The volunteers in the café and the staff who work at Coal Creek Meals on Wheels are the nicest people I’ve ever met,” Ron said.

“I appreciate them helping my wife and I out so much. I don’t know what I would do without these guys, and I’m so happy I have these great people around me every day.”

Your support of Coal Creek Meals on Wheels makes it possible for us to provide not only nutritious meals for clients like Ron and Eileen, but daily socialization and well checks that they would receive without our programs. Give a gift to provide more than just a meal to your neighbors in need today!

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