Volunteer Waiver

By submitting this form, I attest that if a youth volunteer (under 18 years old), I have received the consent of my parent/guardian(s) and will be accompanied by an adult when volunteering at Coal Creek Meals on Wheels (CCMOW).

I understand and agree that my participation as a volunteer is completely voluntary. As a volunteer, I do not expect to receive, and understand that I will not receive, any salary, compensation, or payment of any kind whatsoever from CCMOW.

I understand and acknowledge that my participation as a volunteer at the CCMOW may expose me to a risk of personal injury, including serious personal injury or death, and loss or damage to personal property. I hereby agree to release the individual members of CCMOW staff, officers, employees, members, sponsors, volunteers and Board of Directors, and hold harmless the above persons and organization, against any and all damages, claims, demands, rights, and causes of action of whatever kind and nature, based upon injuries or property damages to, or death of, any person (including without limitation any employee, invitee, resident, or other person), arising out of my participation in and volunteer work for CCMOW, either or off CCMOW facilities or the property or services provided therein or thereon, whether or not caused by any negligence of CCMOW, employees, volunteers, staff or Board of Directors.

CCMOW’s mission is to provide daily nutritious meals and related support services to members of our community in need, helping them to live with dignity in their own homes.  Quality of life for CCMOW consumers is improved by receiving a daily, nutritious hot meal delivered to their home and by daily contact with a caring volunteer. All donations received by CCMOW are contributions for which no goods and services shall be provided. Therefore, as volunteer, I will not receive any donations on behalf of CCMOW. CCMOW volunteers are expressly prohibited from offering merchandise sales, prizes, raffles, giveaways, lotteries, contests, tournaments, lucky draws, or any games of chance in exchange for donations either as an outright token action or as an inducement to solicit donations, unless such action is expressly authorized and sanctioned by the CCMOW board as part of an organized fundraiser.

As a CCMOW volunteer, I am limited to disseminating information that is to the benefit of CCMOW. CCMOW volunteers are expected to represent CCMOW in a professional manner in accordance with the organization’s policies and procedures. As a volunteer, I will not knowingly disseminate information that could be disparaging of or deleterious to CCMOW, Furthermore, volunteers are expressly prohibited from interacting with clients in a way that is inconsistent with CCMOW’s mission and values. Examples of prohibited subjects include, but not are limited to, the sale or promotion of any goods or services, an endorsement or perceived endorsement of any goods or services, support or opposition of a political party or a political candidate, materials affiliated with tobacco or tobacco-related products and any other products inconsistent with the CCMOW mission, content of any nature which may result in fraud or misrepresentation to the public, pornographic or otherwise offensive sexual materials, racially or ethnically prejudicial materials, overtly religious materials or any other information that may be offensive to the general public.

I agree to familiarize myself with CCMOW policies, procedures, and volunteer guidelines and to comply with both the letter and the spirit of these policies, procedures, and guidelines. I fully understand that the CCMOW expects high standards of moral and ethical treatment its clients. As a volunteer, I  agree to indemnify CCMOW for all fines, fees and expenses incurred as a result of the breach of any contractual obligations of the volunteer.

I give my full permission for such first aid as deemed necessary to be provided to me on the premises where I may be acting as a volunteer or prior to transport to a hospital for further treatment in the case of emergency while volunteering with CCMOW.