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Emma Gaulin, Client Service Manager

Emma moved from upstate New York to Colorado when she was six.  She spent her youth years in girl scouts and 4-H which instilled the importance of community service at a young age.  Boulder county will always hold a special place in her heart.


For the past 8 years Emma has been running a therapeutic riding business, giving horseback riding lessons to children, teens and adults with mental and physical disabilities. Emma also managed a Bed and Breakfast located in the Boulder foothills, overseeing the kitchen, housekeeping, events and guest services.  Before the B&B she was a Business Center Manager for a 64-unit office space building in Louisville, CO. Emma was also involved with developing and supporting a non-profit called Royalty Free Haiti, which offers free music production classes to the youth of Haiti. Emma is looking forward to combining all her experiences for the role of the Client Service Coordinator and hopes to serve the Meals on Wheels community to the best of her abilities.

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