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Leave a lasting legacy with CCMOW

Planned gifts (most commonly a donation made in your will or trust) cost nothing today and allow you to make an incredible impact, which is why so many people choose to make them. Read below to learn about the different ways to make a legacy gift!
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Gifts in a Will or Trust

Donations in your will or trust are (by far) the most popular type of planned gift. Learn more, or get help starting your will or trust— for free!

Whether you’re 18 or 98, everyone should have a will in place. People use wills to choose who gets their property, name guardians for minor children, provide a plan for pets, and more. Through a will, many people also choose to leave a part of their estate to a nonprofit like Coal Creek Meals on Wheels to make an impact for years to come.

Why give in your will?

  • Continue to use assets or property during your lifetime

  • Potentially reduce your estate tax burden

  • Leave a lasting legacy in your community

Create your Will for free!

Coal Creek Meals on Wheels recommends FreeWill, an online estate planning tool that makes it easy and cost-free to make your plan. In as little as 20 minutes, you can plan for your future while supporting our mission for years to come. When creating your will, select Coal Creek Meals on Wheels as the nonprofit you would like to gift assets to.

Beneficiary Designations

Gifting assets not covered by your will — like 401(k) or IRA accounts — may help your heirs avoid unwanted taxes, even if you’re below the estate tax threshold. 


Assets not included in your will are called non-probate assets. Examples are 401(k)s, IRAs, life insurance policies, and other accounts. Designating Coal Creek Meals on Wheels as a beneficiary can have a big impact and may avoid unwanted taxes for your heirs.

Charitable Benefits

  • Receive an estate tax charitable deduction

  • Reduce the burden of taxes on your family

  • Continue to use assets or property during your lifetime

Identify Beneficiaries in your Will

FreeWill can also walk you through the process of setting up your beneficiaries. Gifts like these left to nonprofits have a big impact and can often prevent unwanted taxation.

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