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Our Services

CCMOW offers four core programs designed to provide daily, nutritious meals and related support services to members of our community in need, helping them to live with dignity in their own homes.  

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Meal Delivery

Delicious, made from scratch meals delivered to your doorstep by a caring and friendly CCMOW volunteer!

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Project Homecoming

Are you just getting out of the hospital? Let CCMOW make your transition back home easier with five free meals delivered to your home!

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Plates for Pets

Did you know that CCMOW also serves pets? Sign up to receive a monthly supply of pet food for your companion animal(s) with your meals! 

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Coal Creek Café

Our onsite weekday lunch café is a great place to enjoy a nutritious meal while meeting other members from the community! Anyone is welcome to join us for lunch.

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Meal Delivery Program

We deliver hot, fresh, nutritious meals every weekday directly to your home in the communities of Lafayette, Louisville, Superior, and Erie. Our delicious meals are made from scratch daily by our talented culinary staff and can be customized to meet your special dietary needs. We serve anyone in need of a hot meal and daily well-check regardless of age or income. 


Who is eligible? 

CCMOW serves anyone in need of a hot meal and daily well-check regardless of age or income, or documentation status.  We serve older adults, people living with disabilities or chronic physical and cognitive illnesses, low-income families, and anyone else in need. 

Meal Delivery Schedule: 

Meals are delivered Monday through Friday between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. by an amazing screened, trained, and trusted CCMOW volunteer.


Each meal includes an entrée, vegetable, carbohydrate, salad and fruit or dessert. We are equipped to meet your specialized dietary or medical restrictions, too. Frozen and fresh items are delivered on Fridays for the weekend upon request. Caring delivery volunteers provide clients with social interaction to combat isolation.


Now Offering Salads!

CCMOW is now offering a choice between the scheduled hot meal and a chef's salad! If interested, clients must contact the office and let them know what day(s) they would like their meal replaced with a salad no later than Friday for the following week. Salads will still include accommodations for dietary restrictions.



Sliding scale based on self-reported monthly income and household size.

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Project Homecoming 

Let CCMOW make your transition back home after a hospital stay easier, with five free delicious and nutritious meals delivered to your home by a caring CCMOW volunteer! 

Who is eligible? 

Anyone, regardless of age, documentation status and income-level, who is living in Boulder County is eligible to receive five free meals delivered to their home after being released from the hospital for any reason (i.e. childbirth, an accident, surgery, or illness).


This service is free for five days. Clients have the option to extend meal delivery services beyond the first five days. The price of each meal is based on a sliding fee scale based on the client's monthly income. 

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Coal Creek Café

Coal Creek Cafe, our onsite Congregate Meal Program, is sponsored in part by the City of Lafayette as its Senior Nutrition Program. Monday through Friday, CCMOW provides onsite meals in a congregate cafe-style setting, to older adults (residents and daily drop-ins from the community) at Josephine Commons. This program provides high-quality, nutrient-dense meals for diners as well as essential daily social interaction between Josephine Commons residents, members from the community, and the CCMOW kitchen staff and volunteers.

Coal Creek Café Hours: 

Coal Creek Café is open Monday through Friday from 11:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Who we serve:

All community members are welcome to enjoy a meal at the Coal Creek Café! 



A suggested donation of $4.50 per meal - however, we will never turn anyone away for an inability to pay.

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Plates for Pets 

Plates for Pets is CCMOW’s pet food delivery program made possible through a partnership with Colorado Pet Pantry. Through this program, CCMOW provides food to clients’ pets (dogs, cats, fish, and rodents) along with their own delivered meal. It has been demonstrated that pets reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction, promote physical activity, and can reduce feelings of depression and loneliness. The program helps ensure that our homebound clients are not forced to give up their pets because of an inability to feed them.

Who is eligible? 

Pet food delivery is available to CCMOW meal delivery clients. If you are already receiving meals from us and would like to start receiving pet food deliveries, call and let us know. If you're not currently a client and would like to receive food for yourself and a pet, follow the link below to fill out our meal delivery application. 


Delivery Schedule: 

On the last Monday of each month and throughout that week, clients who have signed up for the service receive a one month supply of food for their animal(s) (cats, dogs, fish, birds and rodents) along with their own delivered meal.​​


A $5 monthly donation per pet is requested, but not required. 

How to Donate Pet Food: 

Visit the Colorado Pet Pantry website to learn more about donating pet food. 

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