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Behind the Scenes: Fundraising & Marketing

Coal Creek Meals on Wheels relies on community support to ensure our neighbors can have access to nutritious meals, social contact, and other related support services. 

Brittany Vital, Development & Marketing Director, builds relationships with clients, volunteers, donors, and community organizations to spread the word about our services and gain support for our work.

Originally from Iowa, Brittany moved to Colorado in 2020. She has been in the nonprofit field her entire career, working to support a variety of causes including housing and homelessness, victim services, adult basic education, and child care. Brittany joined the Coal Creek Meals on Wheels team in December 2022. 


Brittany earned her B.A. in Psychology and Sociology from Coe College in Cedar Rapids, IA and her Master’s degree in Philanthropy & Nonprofit Development at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, IA. In her free time, Brittany enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking with her husband and their two huskies.

What does a typical day as Development & Marketing Director look like?

There is no “typical day” in fundraising in marketing, which is one of the things I enjoy most about the role. There are days when I am completely involved in our mission work, speaking with clients to learn about the impact of our services, taking photos of volunteers, and partnering with program staff to move our mission forward. There are also days when I am focused on outreach, connecting with different community organizations, local businesses, or individuals who can partner with us to grow our impact. But there are also days when I sit in my office, focused on planning for events, campaigns, or analyzing data to ensure our fundraising and marketing efforts are successful. Most days are a combination of all of these, making each day fast paced and exciting. 

What are your responsibilities in your role?

For both fundraising and marketing, I am responsible for strategic planning and the overall direction for the organization’s efforts. This starts with developing annual fundraising and marketing plans to guide our efforts throughout the upcoming year. On the marketing side, I am responsible for managing our website, posting on social media, and building community partnerships to spread the word about our services. This also involves going to different community events to present about our programs to help recruit new clients and supporters.

On the fundraising side, I work to bring in donations from individuals, sponsorships from local businesses, grants from foundations and other sources, and revenue from fundraising events. Along with planning requests for donations, such as CO Gives Day and our annual appeal, I spend a lot of time stewarding our donors. This involves thanking them for their support, sharing the impact their donations have made, and building relationships with them to learn more about why they support CCMOW and how we can make the biggest impact together.

Who are CCMOW supporters?

Supporters of CCMOW come from a variety of backgrounds and support us for a variety of reasons. Many have some connection to Meals on Wheels, whether they delivered meals as a child with a parent or grandparent, had a loved one had benefited from a Meals on Wheels program, or they are passionate about ending hunger and food insecurity. The support from our community champions makes our work possible - it is because of everyone who shares their time, talent, and treasures with us that we are able to continue providing nutritious meals to anyone in need. Every type and amount of support truly makes a difference. 

What is your favorite part about working for Coal Creek Meals on Wheels?

Working with Coal Creek Meals on Wheels has reminded me that we often take many things for granted, such as access to nutritious food and daily socialization. It is humbling to see the impact our services have on the community we serve - we truly deliver more than a meal. 

I also truly love engaging with our clients, volunteers, and donors. Building relationships with our clients allows me to truly share the impact of our work. Building relationships with our volunteers and donors helps me learn about their passions and how they want to make an impact through their volunteering and philanthropy, which allows me to bring them into the organization where they can make the biggest impact.

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