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Nurturing Hearts and Homes: Ted’s Story

Our community has many unrecognized community champions, one of those being Ted, whose heart is as large as his stature. Ted is a host home provider (HHP) with a mission that goes beyond the ordinary. Ted opens his home and his heart to individuals with disabilities who either lack familial support or require specialized care that their families cannot provide.

Ted's specialty lies in caring for those with physical aggression, a challenge that he approaches with grace and resilience. "I’m hard to hit and impossible to make angry," he quips, a testament to both his physical presence and his unwavering patience.

Currently, Ted serves as the foster parent for two adult men, Tom and Sam. For Ted, caregiving isn't just a duty; it's a calling. He invests his time, energy, and love into providing a safe and nurturing environment for Tom and Sam to thrive. And this includes providing nutritious meals from Coal Creek Meals on Wheels. Ted receives daily meal deliveries for himself, Tom, and Sam. These meals have been instrumental in Ted's ability to provide the level of care his residents deserve.

With four loads of laundry and many other daily tasks, Ted's schedule is nothing short of hectic. But amidst the chaos, one thing remains consistent – the nutritious and thoughtfully prepared meals provided by CCMOW. These meals not only save Ted valuable time, but also alleviate financial strain, allowing him to focus on what truly matters: the well-being of Tom and Sam.

Ted beams with pride as he shares the progress he's witnessed in his home. "Tom has even started to eat vegetables!" he exclaims, a small victory that speaks volumes about the impact of proper nutrition and care. Caregiving can take many forms and Coal Creek Meals on Wheels is here to offer assistance and support to anyone who needs access to nutritious meals and other resources to lives happy, healthy lives.

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