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Plates for Pets Provides More Than Just Pet Food

Coal Creek Meals on Wheels believes in the importance of the relationships we build with our pets. That’s why we started our Plates for Pets Program - to ensure that our clients and their pets were receiving adequate nutrition and resources to live happy and healthy lives. 

It has been demonstrated that pets reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction, promote physical activity, and can reduce feelings of depression and loneliness. By providing monthly supplies of pet food along with our clients’ delivered meals, we can ensure they are not forced to give up their pets due to an inability to feed them.

Connie, a long-time volunteer with Coal Creek Meals on Wheels, also volunteers with the Humane Society of Boulder Valley. When the Humane Society took on a devastating hoarding case where many animals had to be removed, Connie decided to help with rehoming the animals. With her connection to CCMOW, she knew our clients would be the perfect fit to providing a safe and loving home.

Our Administrative Assistant, Molly, connected Connie with Patty, who had recently lost her dog Weilo. Molly knew Connie was looking to rehome a poodle mix and had a feeling Patty would be the perfect match - and she was! Patty felt an instant connection with Millie, an 8 year-old poodle mix who had been rescued from the hoarding situation.

"I'm on a small income and am 81 years old with some health issues, so the pet food program helps me give Millie good food so I can give my rescued girl a loving happy life" Patty said. “Millie is my best friend. She gives me tons of love - we really saved each other.”

Connie has offered to continue acting as “match maker” for any clients looking to adopt pets, supporting the Humane Society’s mission of finding loving homes for animals and CCMOW’s mission of supporting independence and quality of life for our neighbors. 

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