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We need you, our community champions, to move our mission forward

Coal Creek Meals on Wheels believes in independence and quality of life for all. We provide nutritious meals and social contact to anyone in need in Lafayette, Louisville, Erie & Superior, regardless of their age, income, or other factors. As you read through this newsletter, you will see that people in our community are struggling. Inflation is causing increased prices at the grocery store, the gas station, and at home with rising utilities costs. On top of that, many people are losing their jobs as companies are conducting massive layoffs or are being forced to work multiple jobs just to make ends meet as benefits such as SNAP and Medicare are decreasing.

During this time of uncertainty, you can provide hope to your neighbors in need. By making a gift to Coal Creek Meals on Wheels, you can ensure that everyone has access to nutritious meals. Your support will allow daily visits from trained volunteers who not only provide much needed socialization, but can also identify unmet needs and provide strategic referrals to community resources.

Food is a basic need, and no one should have to suffer from food insecurity. By making a gift today, you can provide peace of mind for a single mother who has to choose between feeding her family and paying the electricity bill. By making a gift today, you can ensure that a homebound adult has a daily visit from a friendly face. By making a gift today, you can change a life.

$30 will provide 1 week of meals

$60 will provide 2 weeks of meals

$120 will provide 1 month of meals

$720 will provide 6 months of meals

$1,440 will provide 1 full year of meals

Hunger and Isolation in Boulder County

Hunger is a nationwide issue, and many in our community of Boulder County are impacted. Currently, 11.2% of Boulder County residents lack reliable access to feed, and 13.8% of Boulder County seniors are considered food insecure. For adults with disabilities, they are twice as likely to experience food insecurity when compared to their non-disabled counterparts.

Across the state of Colorado, 33% of residents are food insecure, but only 9% receive Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits; and 20% of adults report having to regularly cut back or skip meals because there isn’t enough money to purchase food. Even for those who do receive assistance, the emergency benefits that were implemented at the start of the pandemic ended on March 1, 2023, lowering monthly payments by an average of $90 per month. For many older adults, their payments returned to just $23 per month, meaning they may have to choose between buying food and other necessities, such as their medication or paying a utility bill.

Individuals struggling with food insecurity face nutritional concerns, as they often consume fewer calories and eat lower quality or “unhealthy” foods. Especially for older adults, nutritional concerns can be exacerbated as they may also deal with dental problems, medical issues, or an inability to prepare their own meals.

For older adults and homebound individuals, they may also be dealing with isolation. Currently, ⅓ of seniors live alone and may not have frequent social contact with others. Isolation can exacerbate health issues, as people who are socially isolated are more likely to be admitted to a nursing home or the emergency room. Social isolation has also been linked to poorer cognitive function and a higher risk for dementia, specifically Alzheimer’s disease.

Community support and collaboration is critical to address hunger and isolation in the communities we call home. Organizations like Coal Creek Meals on Wheels, local food banks, and other community resources are critical to ensuring that all of our neighbors are able to live and age independently in their own homes. Read more about the work Coal Creek Meals on Wheels has been doing to work toward a community where everyone has access to nutritious meals and social contact.

Increasing costs lead to increased need for supportive services

Since the founding of Coal Creek Meals on Wheels in 1972, costs of basic necessities have increased significantly. Inflation has caused food prices to increase dramatically, making it difficult for people to afford the materials needed to create nutritious and substantial meals. The cost of a gallon of gas has increased by 1,000%, making it difficult for working individuals to have reliable transportation to and from work or to needed resources throughout the community. The average cost of monthly rent in our service area is 20 times higher than it was in 1972, while minimum wage has only increased by half of that amount. The inflation of the housing market and rising interest rates has also made it nearly impossible for many to become homeowners.

As costs continue to increase, the need for supportive services and community resources also increases. By providing ready-to-eat, nutritious meals, Coal Creek Meals on Wheels reduces barriers for individuals and families to achieve food security.

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