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Our mission

is to provide daily nutritious meals and related support services to members of our community in need, helping them to live with dignity in their own homes. We serve the communities of Lafayette, Louisville, Superior and Erie. 




Client & Caregiver Testimonials

"Wonderful service for homebound elderly."


“Wish I had signed up years ago. So grateful for your service."

"CCMOW is a fantastic group of caring people helping other people. I am so blessed."

"Thank you. The food is very good, fresh and tasty. I appreciate having a nice lunch every day. I appreciate all the volunteers and look forward to seeing them every day. Thank you for all you do, staff and volunteers!"

"The wellness checks are a safeguard for caregivers. The alerts I get from the office when he's not picked up his meals are invaluable. As a caregiver, I really appreciate what you do. When I can no longer cook, you're the first people I'll go to."

“I am so impressed with the food overall. It's inviting and delicious. Every day I look forward to the meals. I love knowing that people are kind enough to help me be in this world. ”



Individual Salads

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