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Corporate Matching Gifts 

Your gift can provide a hot meal to someone who needs it. Your company’s matching gift can provide another.

Many local companies have corporate matching programs and CCMOW is grateful to be listed as an eligible organization to give to.

Learn how it works and see whether your employer will double the impact of the donations you’ve already made!

How to Double Your Donation
1. Search

This employer search link may be used to enter your company’s name. Or you may simply contact your employer’s Human Resources and ask whether your company matches employee donations to Coal Creek Meals on Wheels. 

2. Complete a Request

Print or request your company’s matching gift form, or submit via your workplace intranet.

3. Send

Depending on your company's process, either they'll contact us or you'll be instructed to mail us a completed form. We’ll handle the rest, and the company will send its matching donation directly to Coal Creek Meals on Wheels.

Coal Creek Meals on Wheels

455 N Burlington Ave

Lafayette, CO  80026

(303) 665-0566

Tax ID # (EIN): 84-0634856


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