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CCMOW Celebrates National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month Year-Round

June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, which is a great time to savor all the season’s delicious produce and practice a healthier lifestyle. 

The purpose of the month is not only to get more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet, but also to promote a yearlong change to eating healthier. This can be especially important for seniors, as nutrients are vital to proper health.

The Health Benefits of Produce

Fruits and vegetables are nutrient-dense, which means they provide a lot of vitamins and minerals with fewer calories. They also contain fiber to keep you feeling full and antioxidants that may protect you against chronic diseases such as cancer or heart disease. The USDA MyPlate guidelines recommend filling half of your plate with fruits and vegetables. That means most of us should eat 1.5-2 cups of fruit per day AND 2-3 cups of vegetables per day. You don’t have to consume all fresh fruits and vegetables – canned, frozen, dried, and juices count as well.

CCMOW Provides Nutritious Produce for Our Clients

We ensure our clients are incorporating the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables into their daily diet. Our trained culinary staff prepares each meal to include an entrée, vegetable, carbohydrate, salad and fruit or dessert. We are also equipped to meet specialized dietary or medical restrictions, too.

CCMOW also offers a choice between the scheduled hot meal and a chef's salad each day. Clients can replace a hot meal with a salad and it will still include accommodations for any dietary restrictions.

We stand steadfast in our commitment to helping our clients eat healthy, not just during National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, but all year long! 

Learn more about our services and programs designed to provide daily, nutritious meals and related support services to members of our community in need. 

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