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CCMOW Client Spotlight: MJ Dilly

Each day of the week, a Coal Creek Meals on Wheels (CCMOW) volunteer knocks on MJ’s front door exclaiming “Coal Creek Meals on Wheels!” then rings her doorbell to let her know that her meal has arrived. “The meals always come at the same time,” says MJ, “my favorite meals are those with fish, which usually come on Fridays.”

MJ Dilly has lived in her Erie home for 22 years and has been a CCMOW client since 2014. She first learned about CCMOW when her daughter, Pat Vero, was working at the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce and shared the organization’s contact information with her. That’s when MJ called CCMOW and started receiving home-delivered meals.

“Receiving meals gives me the opportunity to remain in my own home, which is extremely important to me as I have my independence and health because of this,” says MJ.

“The volunteers are polite and efficient in bringing up my meals. I would like to thank all those who volunteer as they are gratefully appreciated. It makes me so happy that there are folks who care deeply for folks like myself. I feel like an important part of the community because of the volunteers’ due diligence.

“Your service has been so valuable to me! I look forward to the delivery and enjoy the varied menu. CCMOW allows me to stay in my home and for that I am grateful. I also enjoy my extra goodie bags along with the handmade cards from school children. This just add more to my happiness to be a part of this community.”

For clients like MJ, CCMOW’s programs make all the difference. The benefits of a home-delivered meal play a key role in helping local residents lead the lives that they want to – comfortably and independently aging in place, and doing so with dignity. While our programs are focused on providing meals, CCMOW’s compassionate and dedicated volunteers also serve as “eyes and ears in the community” by having frequent social interaction with clients. These unique and trusted relationships built over time equip CCMOW to identify and assess clients who are high-risk or have special needs.

This is just one way in which the impact of our meal delivery program reaches far beyond the scope of those we serve – as we are uniquely situated to support clients’ loved ones and designated caretakers by monitoring clients’ wellbeing, and collecting and reporting important client information.

Over the years, Pat has seen the significant impact that CCMOW’s has had on her own mother’s life. “My mom is more relaxed because she does not have to worry about cooking. Grocery shopping was becoming difficult. She is happier, healthy and living independently at home,” says Pat.

“CCMOW gives me peace of mind knowing that my mom gets warm healthy food each day. She is vision impaired and unable to cook her own meals. She has a desire to remain living in her own home rather than to face other alternatives. This independence allows me to visit her whenever I can.

“My family would like to thank CCMOW for your wonderful service of providing meals to my mom. I also would like to thank the volunteers who arrive so selflessly each week bringing meals to her door. Your organization and professionalism is gratefully appreciated. We are so happy my Mom can remain in her home and that CCMOW frees our time to help her with other activities that involve taking care of her home and other needs.”

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