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Pages of Connection: Coal Creek Meals on Wheels' Book Club

Coal Creek Meals on Wheels kicked off a new book club this year, all thanks to a generous grant from Meals on Wheels America. This initiative has blossomed into a cherished group gathering, igniting joy and connection among its members.

Once a month, the group meets at  Josephine Commons,  offering more than just discussions on the latest page-turner. It's an opportunity for friendships to be forged, stories to be shared, and connections to be made. For those facing mobility challenges, CCMOW extends a helping hand, providing transportation to ensure no one misses out on the enriching experience.

At the helm of this initiative  is the dedicated Annie Palius, a beloved volunteer whose passion for storytelling knows no bounds. When asked to facilitate the book club, I said yes before I blinked!  I've been a voracious reader since childhood - mysteries, like Nancy Drew,  were my favorite, and I continue to read them today.  For the last 30 years, I've been a member of several book clubs and enjoy sharing opinions, making new friends, and reading books outside of my love for mysteries!” With her gentle guidance, the group delves into the depths of each book, unraveling its mysteries and exploring its themes. Annie, with her keen intuition and deep empathy, carefully helps the group select each month's read, ensuring it resonates with the diverse perspectives within the group. 

The group has read a variety of books, from the gripping intrigue of "The Rose Code" to the serene journey of "Go As A River." Each book, a doorway to new worlds and perspectives, has captivated the minds and hearts of its members. Among them are individuals who, due to various circumstances, find themselves often confined to their homes. The book club has offered solace and companionship - a lifeline connecting them to the outside world. Annie shared that our regulars voice a variety of opinions about our books which contributes to the fun we have!”

As the pages turn and discussions unfold, the book club transcends its role as a mere gathering of readers; it becomes a beacon of hope, a testament to the power of community and the transformative magic of literature. In the exchange of ideas and the shared moments of laughter and reflection, bonds are strengthened, loneliness dissipates, and hearts are nourished.

For the members of Coal Creek Meals on Wheels' book club, each meeting is not just about books—it's about belonging, understanding, and the enduring beauty of human connection. And as they eagerly await each new read, they do so with hearts brimming with anticipation, knowing that within the pages of their next literary adventure lies the promise of friendship, empathy, and endless possibilities.

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