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Healthy meals helped Keith recover and move forward with his life

Keith had a stroke when he was 48 years-old. He was in a recovery hospital for a while, but wasn't able to drive anymore. He is now 62 and has been a CCMOW client for over a decade.

For almost nine years, Keith was receiving vegetarian meals. Not because he was vegetarian, but because he couldn't use his left hand and was unable to cut up pieces of meat. When CCMOW staff found this out, they started providing cut up meals so Keith could enjoy the regular meal delivery option.

"I was 240 pounds and in a wheel chair right after I was released from the hospital, but I am now 150 pounds and much more mobile. It didn't happen overnight, but the healthy meals from Meals on Wheels helped me lose the weight."

When the pandemic first hit, Keith realized that many people were experiencing the isolation that he had dealt with for many years. "Two weeks ago this was my unique problem," he said. "Now the rest of the world has the same problem I do - feeling isolated and alone and not having anyone to talk to. It gave me a bit of clarity in understanding it wasn't just me."

Keith said he looks forward to the different volunteers who bring his meals each day. "It's a time of the day when another human speaks to me."

Your donation will provide meals to individuals like Keith, who would not receive adequate nutrition and support without CCMOW. Donate today to provide a meal for a neighbor in need!

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