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Coal Creek Meals on Wheels Valentines!

This February, we want to highlight some of our amazing couples who support and are supported by Coal Creek Meals on Wheels!

Carol and Gary - Coal Creek Café Guests

Carol and Gary met when an mutual friend introduced them at Sunday School when they were around 10 years old. They went to the same grade school and high school. When Gary returned home from Korea in 1953, Carol was "dating all of the jocks." According to Gary, he "fell in love and put a ring on her finger to put a stop to that!" They were married on September 4, 1955 when Gary was discharged from the Army. They will be celebrating their 68th anniversary this year.

When asked about their relationship, Gary said "We are more in love now than we were then. We've raised six children, several dogs, and a few rabbits - and none are in jail."

When asked what Coal Creek Meals on Wheels means to them, Carol said "community, good food at prices we can afford, and a great idea to support the community!"

Sue and Ken Zimmerman - Volunteers

Sue and Ken met at their church in Denver back in 1994. Ken was singing in the choir and Sue was active with church administration. Their relationship grew from there, and they were married in 2007!

Sue and Ken enjoy volunteering together for many reasons. "Volunteering together gives us a feeling of satisfaction that comes from sharing time doing something of value that brings us together around a common activity. It strengthens our relationship," Ken said.

"We strongly believe in CCMOW's mission, so it makes us feel that we are doing something worthwhile with our time; it gives us a sense of accomplishment as a couple each week. It brings joy into our lives when we can interact with our meal recipients, especially when we are able to work with CCMOW staff to provide special services they may need, such as snow shoveling."

Sue said "Volunteering gives us something to look forward to each week and adds a sense of purpose to the time we spend delivering meals. Volunteering as a couple enriches our lives."

MaryKay and Rich - Coal Creek Café Guests

MaryKay and Rich met at a mixer on St. Patrick's Day in 1984, where MaryKay was in charge of asking people to dance. "I asked Rich's friend to dance and Rich started laughing. So I turned to Rich and said 'What are you laughing at? You're next!'" MaryKay and Rich had their first dance, and they danced together the rest of the night. They say each other again at a mixer the following week, where Rich asked for her number. He called the following week, and the rest was history! They have been married for 34 years this February.

When asked what is special about their relationship, MaryKay said "our sense of humor. It has helped us through many hard times. Also, neither one of us has a jealous bone in our body. We always trust and compromise!"

When asked about Coal Creek Meals on Wheels, MaryKay said the organization means a lot to them. "CCMOW has been such an asset to the people of Lafayette, those who live at Josephine Commons, and those in the surrounding communities. The staff and volunteers do such a fabulous job to make everyone feel welcome. It's great to have a break in the middle of the day to be served a good, nutritious meal surrounded by many old and new friends."

Terri and Don - Volunteers

Terri and Don met in a somewhat unusual way. "While we worked for the same tech company in northern Virginia, we never crossed paths because we worked in different departments located in different buildings. Terri was a programmer, and I was in sales/marketing. So, we never ran into each other," Don said.

"About 18 months into our employment, the company began the first of several layoffs. To boost the spirits of the surviving workers, the company held what they termed was a “Survivor’s Party.” Not a very cheery event. In the many months I worked there, I had never seen a woman that caught my eye. On this day, I saw a tall, strikingly beautiful woman and asked a co-worker to introduce us. I remember shaking her hand and not letting go, trying to keep her engaged in conversation."

They both eventually left that company and moved to different states, but stayed in touch. Don decided to pursue her and drove to Colorado - he was met by Terri, who had taken the day off, and had a bouquet of roses for him! They got married shortly after that and just celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary!

"Our desire is to help others through our service with Meals on Wheels. Delivering meals together these past few years and making friends with the recipients has provided a very positive experience for us," Don said.

Dave and Jan - Coal Creek Café Guests

Dave and Jan met when Dave was a young, single engineer living in Denver. His friend, who was an insurance salesmen, often asked Dave to join him when he would have meetings with young, single, female clients. He eventually met Jan, and the rest is history! They have been married 56 years this February.

"We are not only a married couple - we are each other's best friends. Essentially, everything we have done has been together," Dave said.

Dave and Jan started coming to the Coal Creek Café when Jan was no longer able to cook for them. Dave is a self-reported lousy cook, and their diets started to suffer. "Coming to the café means at least one decent meal daily. We also cherish the fellowship of everyone - fellow clients as well as the volunteers and paid staff," Dave said.

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