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Gerald's Story

Gerald (73) has been a CCMOW client for over 6 months. He first discovered CCMOW through a family member who was helping him access meals after losing his wife, who was his primary caretaker. Gerald had recently been in a car accident which left him unable to use his legs, meaning he needed assistance with basic needs. When delivering a meal to Gerald, a volunteer found him alone in his home, surrounded by waste, incredibly hungry. He hadn’t been able to get out of bed, and his last meal was the lunch that had been delivered by CCMOW the day before. Gerald shared that someone was supposed to check on him and bring him dinner the night before, but never came. After that visit, the volunteer contacted CCMOW to inform us about Gerald’s circumstances. Our client Services Coordinator quickly started working with Gerald’s social worker, connecting him with a new caretaker and improving his daily life. Gerald is now happier and feels more comfortable and supported in his home. Unfortunately, situations like Gerald’s are too common for people in our community. They are silently experiencing hunger, social isolation, and other challenges, without anyone to turn to for support. This is why your support is so critical.

Will you consider making a tax-deductible gift to CCMOW before December 31? Your support will ensure we can continue providing hot, ready-to-eat meals and social contact to your neighbors in need.

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