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Narmeen and Scout receive the food they need because of CCMOW

Narmeen is a 62 year old single woman who connected with Coal Creek Meals on Wheels while she recovered from one of her many surgeries stemming from ongoing medical issues. Narmeen lost her son in March of 2022 and became the main caregiver of his beloved elderly dog, Scout.

Narmeen called us one day and asked if she could receive two meals, since she had been giving half of her meal to Scout every day. She was unaware that we had the Plate for Pets Program, which provides pet food for our meal delivery clients. With inflation, Scout’s wet food increased in price, and Narmeen was having a hard time affording it. The wet food was necessary, however, because Scout had lost many teeth in his old age.

CCMOW was able to get Scout signed up for Plates for Pet and began providing pet food with Narmeen’s meal deliveries. Narmeen cried because she was so thankful. “Scout is all I have left of my son, and I am beyond thankful for your help,” she said.

Your support of CCMOW can ensure we can continue providing meals to our neighbors in need and their pets, ensuring that no one has to choose between feeding themselves or their beloved furry friend. Donate today.

*Please note: the client in the photo is not Narmeen, but is another CCMOW Plates for Pets client.

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